Dear Tourists Hoteliers and kind,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 have come treacherously fail

the promises made on tourism.

They give the sad announcement hoteliers and their families who have worked and are working for the growth of this sector.

Unequal tax has decreed the death.

Flowers are not required, but it is very welcome support of tourists, the protest of the companies, because their vacation does not add a fee.

The President of 'Hoteliers Association of Riccione

Bruno Bianchini

Local tax - a state of agitation of the category.

The Board of Federalberghi, at its meeting on March 2, examined the contents of the decree on municipal federalism, which has given the municipalities the power to establish a tourist tax paid by those staying in accommodation located on its territory.

The Board of Directors, in deploring the contents of the decree, which introduce new burdens on businesses and do not favor the development of tourism, has confirmed the state of agitation of the category.

The Council agreed to invite member companies to accept hotel bookings for March 17, only to honor the 150th anniversary celebrations of the unification of Italy and not cause further damage to the sector.

At the same time, the Council called on member organizations and companies associated with the continuing activities of public protest, with a twofold objective:

- To reiterate our strong opposition to the introduction municipalities tax;

- To support the lobbying that the federation held in adopting a regulation that will dictate the general rules for implementing the tax.

L 'Hotel Rigobello riccione is associated with the protest and invited colleagues to speak hosts on its website so as to involve as many people as possible.

I invite my customers to complain of unfair that a fee may be applied to their vacation

You can express your opinions in the protest group Facebook

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